Super excited to announce there’s a FREE 5 day challenge to next week!

It’s designed to help you plan 2021 the ADHD friendly way!!!!!

During the challenge I will be sharing the exact steps to plan your year .These steps work even if you aren’t an ‘organized’ person or have had lots of planning disappointments in the past.

Over the five days of the challenge we will be covering lots of awesome things including

  • The 5 easy steps to plan your year (even if you hate planning or haven’t been able to follow a plan in the past)
  • How to feel excited and motivated for your plan all year long
  • The secret to prioritizing when you have ADHD
  • How to plan when you don’t know how long a project will take
  • How to include things that are important to you but don’t have an external deadline
  • And much more

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Last year’s challenge was a huge success and people got great results..for example one member wrote:

It’s like Wow! I’m actually going to be productive this year! I can already feel a major shift happening, for the better! Thank you for doing this!

When does the Challenge take place?

The challenge takes place on 5 consecutive days:

  • Monday 14th December
  • Tuesday 15th December
  • Wednesday16th December
  • Thursday 17th December
  • Friday 18th December

Each video of the challenge is recorded at the same time every morning… 8am Eastern.

Where do I watch the videos for the challenge?

In the Untapped Brilliance Facebook Group (at 8am Eastern), you can join me live or watch the replay later in the day.

If you aren’t a member yet, you can join here:…

BUT! be sure to official enroll in the challenge here too (to be eligible for the prize)

How long is each session?

Each day the live video will be approximately 20 minutes.

I am already a member of the Untapped Brilliance Facebook Group. Do I still have to enroll in the challenge?

Yes! because then you will be eligible to win the prize!

How does the challenge work exactly?

At the end of each training video, I will issue a challenge for the day! It’s a do-able step and will help you plan your year.

Each day builds on the next.

When you have taken the action for the day, leave a comment in the special thread and you will be entered into the prize draw.

If you do one of the challenges, your name will be entered into the hat once. So if you take action 5 days you get 5 chances of winning.

The winner will be announced on Monday 21st in the FB group.

What’s the prize?

The prize is a 1-hour coaching session with me and a paper copy of Untapped Brilliance delivered to you wherever you are in the world

Will you send out a calendar invite so that I can accept and get reminders please?

There are too many people enrolled in the challenge for me to send out individual calendar invites; however, I will be sending out daily email reminders for people who have enrolled in the challenge.

In addition, you could make anappointment for yourself in your calendar as a reminder.

Monday 14th though Friday 18th at 8am Eastern

How do I enrol in the planning challenge?

Here’s the link>>>>> click here to enroll in the challenge.


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