Adults with ADHD are highly critical of themselves and their achievements. If your inner voice is constantly telling you negative messages, this results in you feeling bad about yourself and your self-esteem is low. Start to pay attention to what your inner voice is saying. What messages are you telling yourself? Are you positive and encouraging or do your berate yourself and talk meanly? Usually how you talk to yourself is so rude that you would never talk like that to any other human being.

We want your inner voice to be your biggest supporter. Be positive, encouraging, reassuring and congratulatory. It’s impossible to catch everything you say to yourself as some thoughts are so fleeting. However when you are aware you have said something negative or mean to yourself, take a moment to counter it with a positive comment. Gradually, you will find yourself speaking more kindly to yourself and this has a wonderful ripple effect of how you feel about yourself and how you operate in the world on a daily basis.

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