ADHD Success Plan For Women EventWhen you mention ADHD or ADD, usually the first image that pops into a person’s head is an 8 year old  boy.  The general population doesn’t realize that adults (both men and women) have ADHD too.

Women with ADHD have a unique set of challenges.

For example:

  • Traditional ‘female’ tasks like grocery shopping, laundry and having a tidy home are very challenging when you have ADHD. This can cause you to feel bad about yourself.
  • Hormone changes make ADHD symptoms worse, both monthly and over the life span.
  • The average woman doesn’t realize she has ADHD until later in life.

However it’s not all doom and gloom!

When you learn how ADHD affects you AND what actions you can take, you feel validated and empowered!

My friend and colleague, Dr. Kari Miller, ADHD Coach, is offering a FREE 4-day online event – and I’m one of the speakers!  It’s called the:

ADHD Success Plan For Women Event!
November 9 – 12, 2015

21 Leading Experts Share Proven Techniques to help Women Find Hope, Unlock Their Potential, and Get Stuff Done!

I want you to be my guest! You can reserve your space by clicking here.

In this FREE online event, you’ll hear how to manage ADHD so your true gifts shine through.
You’ll leave behind any shame and regret and move to a bright, successful, self-confident future.
You’ll learn how to set yourself up to finish what you start and feel the pride of seeing your great ideas through from start to finish!

Grab your seat here.

Check out this rock-star line up of speakers:

Tana Amen (Amen Clinics) – Healing Your Mind With Food
Dr. Ari Tuckman – The Psychology of Medication: Make Well-Informed, Well-Thought-Out Choices
Dr. Lidia Zylowska – Living Mindfully with ADHD: Lessons from Meditation in Daily Life
Zoe Kessler – Late Bloomers: How to Thrive After a Late-in-Life ADHD Diagnosis
Linda Anderson – Healthy Body–Healthy Brain; What You Can Do to Feel and Think Better (with ADHD)
Dr. Billi Bittan – ADHD Wisdom Across the Generations: Like Mother, Like Daughter, Like Granddaughter
Jeff Copper – The Impact of ADHD on Sports and Exercise
Casey Dixon – AIM-ing for Goals the ADHD Way
Lynne Edris – The Missing Piece: The Importance of Your Values
Rick Green – Taming The Emotional Tornado
Dr. Regina Lark – Organized and Uncluttered – Knowledge is Power (Or To Thine Own Self Be True)!
Shell Mendelson – Defining a Clear Career or Business Direction
Bonnie Mincu – Develop a Time Sense: ADD Myths and Mysteries about Time
Shelley Mitchell – How to Go From Crazy-Busy and ADD-ish to Wildly Productive
Dr. Mary Lou Rane – Perception is Everything!  How to Change Your Life by Biochemically Changing Your Limited Beliefs
Dr. Sarah Reiff-Hekking – I Know What to Do, I’m Just Not Doing It: 5 Steps to Bust Through Procrastination and Overwhelm
Linda Larson Schlitz – From “Mess to Success” – Building a Path from Suicidal Addict to Legacy of Hope
Dr. Richard Shames – The Hidden Thyroid Connections to ADD and ADHD
Elaine Taylor-Klaus and Diane Dempster – Can You Still Be a Good Mom (or Dad) if you Have ADHD?
Dr. Kari Miller – Your Next Steps: Putting This All Together Into a Plan of Action!

And I’ll be there too!
Jacqueline Sinfield – How to Sleep Really Well When You Have ADHD!
Join me and get your Success Plan in motion!  Click here to reserve your spot.

Catch you November 9-12!

Grab your seat now, now, NOW!


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