Dr. Brene Brown studied human connection for over 6 years. During that time she realized that connection isn’t something that can be studied in isolation. Love, belonging and worthiness are all intertwined with the connection Dr. Brown discovered there are 2 types of people with them. The first type she named ‘The whole hearted” These people have a strong sense of love and belonging . The second type struggle for a sense of love and belonging. Interestingly the difference between the 2 groups is that people who have a strong sense of love and belong BELIEVE they are worthy of love and belonging. Adults with ADHD are exceptional sensitive, kind, and emotional open people. However often, because of rejections and hurts starting all the way back to kindergarten, they often  don’t believe they are worth love and feel disconnected from those around them. This can lead to loneliness, depression,and low self esteem. Since human connection gives our life meaning, keeps us sane, happy, health and is the vital for meaningful relationships, its worth learning the commonalities that the ‘whole hearted’ people have. Watch the video here:

1. The Courage to Be Imperfect

They let people ‘see’ them, warts and all. Very often we try to hide what we consider to be our imperfections. Yet despite our best efforts, people can see who we really are. Its tiring to keeping the facade up, and it puts a barrier up between you can those around you, because you don’t want people to get too close in case they discover the truth. 

2. Compassionate.

In order to be compassionate to others you need to kind and compassionate to yourself first. People with ADHD are really bad at being compassionate to themselves. They are so hard on themselves, the expect so much of themselves and when they don’t match those high standards, they become very critical.

3. Authentic

They let go of who they thought they should be and be who they actually were. This can mean we have to stop our ego from ruling us and start to listen to our bodies and hearts.

4. Embrace Vulnerability.

They believed that what made them vulnerable made them beautiful. This is quite different from the common western thought pattern that values being strong and independent. Yet it takes tremendous strength and courage to put yourself ‘out there’ every day. You may find yourself feeling feel exposed without your armour on if you start to do this. Yet when you do this, you have the rewards of amazing connections with all those dearest to you.


Your actions this week are to watch the video and see what the message is for you. Everyone has a different big take away. Mine was that being vulnerable is a strength not a weakness.

What is your take away after watching Brene Brown’s video?


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