Even though I have been an ADHD Coach for 15 – 18 years, I still struggle to explain exactly what I ‘do’  because it’s so different for each client. Their problems, personality, lifestyle and ADHD all play a part in what coaching looks like for them.

Rather than trying to describe ADHD Coaching in generic terms, I thought a case study of an actual client would be much more interesting and fun. I got the idea this morning when this email arrived.​​

‘I always used to feel that I was lagging behind in my life and didn’t understand why. Everything was 10 times harder for me in my life and I really couldn’t understand how others seem to have it so easy to live their life.

I always felt different and never knew why. After I realized I might have ADD and started coaching, everything shifted and I became a master of my life. The dark days are over and are like a distant memory.

It’s crazy Jacqui! You have helped me turn my life around!’

(Don’t worry! Dee gave me the OK to share her email and story.)

When Dee started coaching, she was in the last few months of medical school. The final exams were looming and she wanted to get her life organized and pass the exams!

They would be the last exams after years of studying. The pressure was on.

She was experiencing all the classic ADHD traits. Feeling disorganized and scattered. Not able to concentrate or focus unless there was a deadline.  A deadline meant things could get done but there was also lots of anxiety and fear.

During our Coaching we covered these topics

Practical techniques

Dee learned some How-to techniques designed for her ADHD characteristics and tailored to her situation. Her topics included:

  • How to study
  • How to be productive
  • How to arrive on time to work and class • How to do housework • How to balance work, study and home responsibilities

Understanding ADHD

Dee was also new to ADHD, so the coaching helped her

  • Understand what ADHD is
  • How ADHD showed up affected her
  • How to get her family and husband to take ADHD seriously


There is always an emotional aspect to coaching too.

In Dee’s case:

  • How to feel good about herself
  • How to ‘own’ her achievements
  • How to get her inner voice to be less critical • How to reduce anxiety in exams

Treating ADHD Naturally

Because Dee was new to ADHD, we talked about the ways she could treat her ADHD naturally and that included implementing these suggestions into her daily life

  • Eating an ADHD friendly diet
  • Making exercise part of her life
  • Meditating

The story has a happy ending! This week Dee passed her final exams!!!

And she starts her first job as a medical doctor next week.

You might not be a doctor, or sitting exams. However, this case study shows just how varied ADHD Coaching is and how quickly tangible results can be seen.

Another cool thing about this story is I have never meet Dee in real life. Like many of my clients, Dee lives in a completely different continent and all the coaching was done via Skype.

If you could use help with your ADHD and your life, send me a message here.  I would love to help you get some awesome results too!



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