UK VIP Coaching Intensive Day
May 2014

ADHD Coaching Intensives are like the power tool of coaching! We can go much deeper and cover more than is possible in the same number of hours of weekly coaching, and just like using a power tool, it’s a really fun experience! This is how one client felt after her first hour of coaching. Image how you will feel after a whole day!


“When I left your office, I felt I had wings; I felt happy and light and looking towards a better tomorrow. I feel more alive than I have felt in years, like an overcast sky opening up to the sunshine.”

After our day together, you will be able to step away from the circus tricks, all the plate spinning and juggling you needed to do to keep up with life.  Instead, you will have strategies and a plan, so you can be organized, feel grounded and get ahead. The only crazy trick you perform then, is the speed that items are being crossed off your to do list.

People are like snowflakes, DNA and fingerprints… they are all unique! So is how ADHD shows up in your life. Coaching Intensive Days reflect this uniqueness and no 2 coaching intensives are the same. It is specifically designed for you.

Because we want you to implement everything we covered in the Coaching Intensive, at the end of our day together, you walk away fully armed! An action plan, checklists, and a resource list; so you feel totally empowered and ready to take on your world!

Are you were wondering if it’s the right program for you?

Here is a list of attributes that people who benefit the most from ADHD Coaching Intensive Day have

  • Are motivated for change.
  • Have a positive attitude and are open to trying new things.
  • Thought there was something about my approach to treating and managing ADHD that resonated with you
  • Know that the investment won’t cause you any financial hardship
  • Feel excited about the possibility of a Coaching Intensive!!!

Practical Details.

There are 2 dates left…

  • London May 10th
  • Edinburgh May 20th

Intensives take place in a beautiful hotel meeting room.

What the Coaching Intensive includes

  •  1 hour coaching session approximately a month before hand (via Skype or telephone)

 You can explain your situation and what your challenges are etc*

  • 6.5 hours together on the Coaching Intensive day

From 10 to 4.30pm including breaks and lunch together

1 hour coaching session a couple of weeks after the Coaching Intensive day

  • This is where we check in to see how you are doing and answer questions you might have.


  • You can email me anytime to tell me how you are doing, ask questions, share wins etc.

A binder with your personal plan and checklists and resource list 

  • You will leave with this at the end of Coaching Intensive Day. Its unique to you! based on your life, your strengths and preferences. Its broken in to easy and do-able action steps so you can implement what we covered during the day together.

A paperback copy of Untapped Brilliance book.

  • I will pop this in the mail as soon as you enroll for the Coaching Intensive.

All other costs such as… 

  • Meeting Room, lunch, coffee, tea and snacks on the day are also covered.

The total investment is £1000.00

If you are excited to start email me at

Then we can get arrange to speak on the phone/Skype to answer any questions and finalize the details.

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