Untapped Brilliance: Group Coaching

Are you an adult with ADHD?

Do you feel you have so much potential but just can’t reach it?

It is a very frustrating situation to be in. You are spinning the wheels of your everyday life and you just can’t seem to get ahead. You know what you want to do and how to get there and yet just can’t seem to make it happen.

However there are some simple, yet highly effective ways to minimize your unwanted ADHD symptoms and begin realizing your potential.

Sound good? Looking for the tools to make your 2013 better than your 2012? Join me this January as I walk you through WHAT these strategies are and HOW YOU can implement them in your life.

You will learn:


  • How to stop procrastinating
  • Time management strategies that work for you
  • How to create physical environments that support you…Including decluttering and organizing (don’t worry if this sounds overwhelming right now, it won’t when you learn my tools and strategies)
  • How to reduce the stress in your life
  • How to manage your money and keep on top of your finances
  • How to improve communication with the people in your life: develop new friends, start dating or improve the relationships you already have
  • Increase your self confidence and self esteem
  • Why self care is so important when you have ADHD and what exactly you need to do to maintain it.
  • How to break bad habits
  • What food helps your ADHD and what foods make it worse.
  • How to get a good night’s sleep, and why that is important
  • Why having fun is essential when you have ADHD and not a just reward

AND more about Goals (This is additional information to the mini goals course)

  • How to set goals that excite you
  • How to stay on track and achieve those goals when everything else around you feels chaotic

PLUS: Your biggest challenge!

What is your biggest issue in your life right now? If we could wave a magic wand and solve one problem what would it be? Whatever you answered we will address that too!

What you get

Every week for 8 weeks you will receive

An mp3 audio lesson in your inbox every Monday which you can listen to again and again

A check list so you know exactly what actions to take

A group coaching call where you share your week with the group, you can ask questions and get coaching around any problems you faced. The length of these calls will vary on the number of questions but I won’t hang up till all your questions have been answered – not only will you learn from me, you’ll be able to see how the other members of the group apply the same strategies and tools to their lives.

A Resource List (these are in addition to those in the mini goal course)

1 30 minute coaching session with me, just you and me that you can schedule any time during the 8 weeks

1 e-version of my book Untapped Brilliance, How to reach your full potential as an adult with ADHD.

When does the coaching program start?
It starts the week of January 21st and finishes the first week of March

What happens if I am going on vacation during that time?
No problem, both the lessons and group call are recorded. If you have questions that you would like answered on the group call you can email them in advanced.

Do group coaching programs work?
Yes they do! In addition to learning strategies from me, you get to connect with other motivated smart people that are facing similar challenges to you. In previous group coaching sessions participants said this made them realize they aren’t alone, that other people experience these issues too, which is validating and empowering.

What if I have something embarrassing I don’t want to share with a group?
The group is a safe place, everyone is sharing personal information. The calls are being recorded but only members of the group have access to those. That being said, you are welcome to email me privately or talk about your issue in our one on one coaching session.

Ready to kick start your 2013?

Registration for this group coaching program is closed.

To stay informed on the next offering, please sign up for the wait list:

Here’s how it will work:

When have registered for the course, you will receive a welcome email including a link to my calendar so you can book your coaching appointment (any time from now through to March).

Your own copy of Untapped Brilliance, so you can start reading straight away.

Then the course kicks off January 21st!!!


jacquiHow to Get Great Grades When you Have ADHD


P.S PLUS if you register before January 1st you will get a complimentary 30 minutes extra with Jacqueline – that makes an hour total!

“If it weren’t for Jacqueline, I would NEVER be able to accomplish everything I need to do and keep 57 irons in the fire…but because of her expertise in ADD, I can SO rock it the way it needs to be rocked. If you think you may have symptoms of adult ADD, get with Jacqueline she’ll show you now it’s done. LOVE my Bombshell Jacqui!!”
~XOXO Gigi
Gigi Belmonico


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