Attending meetings, appointments and lectures punctually can be a real problem for adults with ADHD.  The passage of time seems to travel differently you. One client described beautifully how time passes for him: “If I look at my watch and its 11:00am.Then in my mind it’s 11:00amuntil I look again. I might look again in 2 minutes, or 4 hours. But its 11:00am until I have actually looked at the watch again to see what the hands are now saying”.

A great technique that is really helpful in ensuring you get to appointments on time is to set an alarm on your cell phone to let you know when you need to leave for your appointment. For example, if you have a dentist appointment at 1pm, allow another 15minutes before you leave to gather your belongings together, keys etc., and you know it takes 30 minutes for the drive and 15 minutes to find parking and walk to the building then you would set your alarm to go off at 12 noon. No matter how engrossed you are in your activity the alarm will alert you that it’s time to leave. Using your cell phone for your reminders is a great tool because it’s an item that most people always have with them.

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