Different - raspberry and blackberriesDo you know what the most important type of ADHD awareness there is?

It’s knowing how ADHD affects you! You are a brilliant and totally unique person with your own personality, strengths, talents, likes and dislikes. When we mix this one-of-a-kind you, with ADHD, in the cocktail shaker of life, we get an exclusive blend of ADHD.

Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to figure out what your exclusive ADHD blend is; then, the best way treat it. To do this, you become a combination of detective, avid researcher, problem solver and implementer. The process ranges from being fun to frustrating, overwhelming to energizing; but the end results are worth it. You have your own personalized treatment plan that works! Those annoying ADHD traits that stop you from reaching your full potential aren’t roadblocks any more.

Treating and managing your ADHD is multifaceted. How much time and attention you give each facet, depends where you are on your ADHD journey, what you have done in the past and what you are doing today.

Here are the different facets:

Medical: including ADHD meds, medication to treat other conditions
Non-medical: such as an ADHD friendly diet, supplements, exercise, meditation, etc.
Life Skills: for example, time management and productivity techniques, meal planning, etc.
Psychological well-being: such as increasing self-esteem

It’s easy to get swayed from your personal awareness adventure. Experts, fellow ADHDers and random strangers will all have ideas of what could help you. Sometimes, these ideas are very well-researched, others are well-meaning and then some others are based on barely any knowledge at all.

If something intrigues you, give it a go, it’s an experimental process. If you like it and notice a positive effect on your ADHD, keep doing it; if not, discard without guilt. Remember, just because something worked for one person, doesn’t automatically mean it will work for you.

When you have ADHD, the biggest key to success is awareness about yourself and your ADHD.

This month is the perfect time to jumpstart that awareness. Even if you think you aren’t very aware at the moment, I bet you will surprise yourself. Grab a pen and paper (right now!) and write a list of the things you know about yourself. For example: you might know that eating clean, whole foods make you feel good. You might have a time management system that works for you, or know that doing yoga is the exercise you enjoy the most. You might have a knowledgeable medical doctor or a psychologist that really understands you. These are all things to keep doing. From now on, whenever you try something that helps you manage your ADHD, add it to the list. That list becomes your very own treatment plan.

Happy ADHD Awareness Month!


What is the biggest thing that has helped your ADHD? I would love to hear! leave me a note in the comment section.



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