Did you know your mindset can either help or hinder your ADHD symptoms?

The online definition of mindset is, “The set of beliefs a person has which affects the outcome of all their endeavours”.

Which means, if you believe because you have ADHD you can’t do x or y, then guess what?

You can’t. BUT, it also means that if you have ADHD and you believe you can do Y and Z then you can! It’s a self fulfilling proficiency.

When I walk people through the 11 steps of Untapped Brilliance, I get 2 responses. The first is “Ok sounds great, it might be a bit tricky for me, but I am ready for change so I will do it”

OR the second, which is a lot of ‘yeah buts’. “Yeah but, that won’t work for me” “Yeah but, I tried that, but I couldn’t stick to it” “Yeah but, I don’t like structure” “Yeah but, I am different to other people”

While of course, I prefer to hear the first response, people in the second group can change their mindset to one that will allow them take consistent actions that will help their negative
aspects of ADHD.

If you are in the second group, think of a saying or phrase that you will say every time you find yourself thinking something negative about making changes.

For example, I love exercising every day.

I am so proud am cooking healthy meals for myself every day.

I am now creating happy habits

What you choose has to resignation resonate with you, make you feel happy when you say it (not filled with dread or anxiety) and be believable.

These sayings when you say them often, will retrain your mind, from its negative default setting to one that supports a new way of life.

Not only will you feel better because the running commentary in your mind is more positive, you will also feel good because are taking actions on things that are helping your ADHD.

If you need help working on a new ADHD mindset email me at Jacqueline@untappedbrilliance.com

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