Goal setting is a wonderful tool for adults with ADHD as this keeps you focused on what is important in your life.

Without goals your natural default position is to be fighting fires every day and you lose control of your time. Here are the top ten reasons to set goals when you have ADHD

  1. Setting goals puts us in the driver’s seat of our lives.
  2. Goals allow us to live our best life, since they encourage us to stretch ourselves and reach your potential
  3. You can accomplish much more when goals are set. Projects are completed quicker, and you can accomplish much more of them!
  4. Goals inspire us and propel us into action
  5. Setting goals is fun and exciting. It is exciting to think what is possible, and to challenge ourselves.
  6. By setting external goals, we also develop internal characteristics and skills, which stay with us long after the goals, have been achieved.
  7. Setting goals and reaching them increases our sense of self-esteem.
  8. Goals keep us going through the less interesting tasks. Even when a task is dull and tedious, we still feel the desire do it because we know it’s part of a bigger picture.
  9. Goals give our life clarity and meaning. They keep us focused on what is most important, and help us to minimize distractions.
  10. When a goal is achieved, nothing can beat the sense of accomplishment. We really need to enjoy the feeling and celebrate the victory, since we can draw on this wonderful feeling when we are working towards our next goal!!

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