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Are you an adult with ADHD? Or ADHD tendencies?
Are you a positive energetic person ready to make some changes in your life?

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1.Do you want to experience success in one or more areas of your life? Eg work, home, relationships, self esteem.

2. Do you want to have a sense of pride and fulfilment that goes hand in hand with that success?

3.Do you want to finally reach your potential that you know you are capable of?

4. Are you ready to finally knock those ongoing daily problems on the head?
For example, time management, procrastination, clutter, overwhelm.

5. Do you want to experience the freedom that comes along with banishing that from your life?

6 Do you want to have the support of a person who ‘gets it’ and wants you to succeed as much as you do? Who has practical proven strategies that work?

If you answered YES to one or more of those questions, then the package of 10 coaching is perfect for you.

Here is a list of exactly what you get when you Coach with Jacqueline:

•   10 hours of one on one ADHD coaching with Jacqueline
This means you can talk about everything that is going on in your life, in a safe and confidential environment. Get tailor-made solutions to implement straight away so that you can experience benefits in your life almost instantly.

•    Email support between sessions
Which means you can’t fail! Any hurdle you face, external or internal in between the coaching sessions can be addressed, so that you keep moving forwards.

Constant support from someone you ‘gets’ you
Which means you feel stronger and more empowered than ever before and ready to take on the world and address all your challenges

•    Your very own  copy of ‘Untapped Brilliance’ How to Reach your full potential with adult ADHD…ebook
Which means you have your very own copy of this highly acclaimed book, which you can refer to again and again for practical tips and reassurance.

Got questions?   The 8 most common questions asked are…

1)    I live in a different country so can’t visit your office
2)    Does phone coaching really work?
3)    I don’t trust myself to follow through and take actions needed to success
4)    I don’t have time
5)    Does it matter if I haven’t been officially diagnosed with ADHD
6)    How often are the coaching sessions
7)    Do the coaching sessions expire?
8)    What hours do you work?

And here are the answers:

1)    You can live anywhere in the world , so long as you have a telephone.

2)    Yes, phone coaching is just as effective in person coaching. In fact some people refer it.

3)    Not trusting yourself to follow through and take actions is a common concern when you have ADHD. You can remember many times when set yourself goals and didn’t achieve them.
Coaching is designed for your success. The goals we set are tailored to your life and what is achievable for you. Plus you can email Jacqueline for extra support when you need it. Everything is in place for your success.

4)    There is a time commitment involved. However people report  the time invested in coaching is more than recovered, they can operate more effectively and develop strategies that create more time than ever.

5)    It doesn’t’ matter if you have an official diagnosis of ADHD. Lots of clients don’t when we first start working together (and some never do)  coaching is highly effective

6)    Coaching sessions are usually booked weekly for the first 3 weeks and then bi weekly once you have found your groove. Once we start working together we will know what will be most beneficial for you.

7)    You have 1 year to use the 10 sessions. So lots of time!

8)    Coaching session are booked from 11am to 8pm eastern standard time

Its easy to get started!

All you need to do is to click the button below.


After you have made the payment you will receive a welcome email and we can book your 1 st coaching session.


Are you ready?
Awesome! You need to do this right NOW because the special offer is only available for 3 days and for 10 people ( that is all my schedule can accommodate at the moment) so hurry!

I have worked with 100’s of happy clients. Here are what a few had to say:

“Jacqui has the ability to tap into people and bring out the best in them. She is the ONLY professional who has ever been able to make a difference.After years of frustration, near misses and unfulfilled dreams. Jacqueline managed to tap into what makes me tick and utilize my strengths.What separates Jacqui from the rest is her ability to adapt her strategies to who you are. She is unrelenting in her approach in figuring out how things will work for you and will ensure that the those strategies help you out on a daily basis. Via our work together – Jacqueline has helped me turn my personal and professional dreams into realities. I am forever grateful to her for it and strongly recommend her toanybody who wants to change their lives.”-
Peter Bailey


I owe Jacqueline everything for her relentless devotion in helping to improve my life. Thanks to her guidance and support I am finally able to deal with issues in the most productive ways. I am also much happier since meeting Jacqueline. THANK YOU”-Melisa Kemp



When I left your office, I felt I had wings. I felt happy and light and…looking foward to a better tomorow. I feel more alive than I have felt in years, like an overcast sky opening up to the sunshine”-
A happy 45 year old female client after her second coaching session


The special offer is only available for 3 days, click on the button below to start your journey.

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