Are you a student with ADHD?

Being a student with ADHD can be stressful and painful! Did you know that fewer ADHDers go to college than their non ADHD peers? And those that do go have a lower graduation rate.

However, it is possible to be an ADHD student, get the grades you are capable of AND enjoy the experience.

In this complementary audio training, I will explain:

  •  Why it’s hard to be a student when you have ADHD (since there are physical and environmental reasons)
  •  Why it is important to get a degree when you have ADHD
  •  The 5 Keys to Getting Great Grades when you have ADHD

You will learn:

  •  Practical techniques that are vital for student success
  •  How to manage worry, anxiety and fear, which can get in the way of success
  •  Effective ways to manage the negative ADHD symptoms that are affecting your student success
  •  How to identify time wasting activities and get rid of them… leaving you with more time to study and have fun
  •  How to create a successful student mindset (as it’s much easier than you think)

And much, much more!

So join me now and learn how you can get great grades when you have ADHD

Get Grade Grades Program



Jacqui Sinfield

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