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If you are on this page then it’s because you would like 1 (or more) signed copies of “Untapped Brilliance How to Reach Your Full Potential as an Adult with ADHD” Plus FREE shipping wherever you are in the world!

Untapped Brilliance explains in simple terms how to minimize your unwanted ADHD symptoms, so that your wonderful gifts can shine.

You’ll be amazed to learn that a few simple strategies can lead to significant changes in your ADHD symptoms. In this practical ADHD friendly book, you’ll discover the eleven specific and simple steps that help adults with ADHD flourish and reach their full potential.

Rest assured, these strategies are so simple you can begin implementing them today, without feeling overwhelmed. You will discover:

  • How to make simple lifestyle changes that will minimize the negative aspects of ADHD
  • How to create an environment that encourages you to focus.
  • How to identify and begin achieving your life goals today!
  • Untapped Brilliance does more than just explain what changes to make and why..it shows you how to make those changes forever.

ADHD Experts and  people just like you have wonderful things to say about Untapped Brilliance!

“Untapped Brilliance is brilliant! In logical, concrete terms, it shows a person how to get to the gifts wrapped up in ADD and not suffer from the clutter and frustration that holds so many people back. Full of hope and practical wisdom, this book is a treasure.” ~Edward Hallowell, M.D

“Untapped Brilliance is a little gem of a self-coaching primer. In straightforward language, Jacqueline Sinfield provides practical advice and simple, easy-to-follow techniques that will help adults challenged by AD(H)D to re-create their lives.” ~Gabor Mate, MD

‘Jacqui! This is the first book I have ever read cover to cover’.
I feel this is the first book that actually caters to the distracted mind! The paragraphs are short & concise yet packed with wonderful ideas that are not only helpful but “do-able”.

“Thank you, Jacqui, for speaking my language! Saturday 12:30- I open the book with a feeling of excitement that maybe, just maybe, my life will begin to change. As I read the forwards from others, my excitement builds. I turn to Chapter 1 and before I know it I’m on Chapter 5 (that doesn’t usually happen with me and self-help books. I am constantly re-reading as I get distracted and, when I get to the end of the page; realize I have no idea what I just read!).  I actually finished Untapped Brilliance on Sunday!
~Jeanne 52, Full time Mum.

“..this book is never far from my side to refer back to and get me back on track. There are truly so many valuable pieces of information that make a difference in everyday life.”

“I absolutely love your book! I learned a lot from it. YOU are my ‘go-to’ expert in this domain!”
~Joe Criso, Business owner.

“I can commend the steps described in Jacqueline’s book : they have greatly improved my quality of life, beyond what words can tell…”
~M.L a 60 year old special education teacher

Having read and followed the advice in Untapped Brilliance I have gone from feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by day to day activities to finally getting my life in order and actually achieving my goals. Buy this book! It will change your life!!”
~40 year old H.R director.

Untapped Brilliance also seemed to be a hit with adults that didn’t  have ADHD or even ADHD tendencies.

“An easy to read step-by-step guide on how to lead a more productive & enriched life. With chapters on how goal setting, connecting with others, having fun, better nutrition & exercise (to name but a few) help us to lead a more fruitful life. The message this book conveys is as applicable to those with Adult ADHD or without!”
~Lisa M. USA ( 39 years old female without ADHD)

Spouses of adults with ADHD also contacted me expressing how much they had found Untapped Brilliance useful.
“As a spouse of someone with ADD, I found this book very interesting and informative. It was helped me to better understand ADD, and how I can help my husband.”
~49 year old female manager.

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