I am a huge fan of Google. Its sounds like a strange thing to say out loud, because most people are and so it’s sort of a given.  Besides providing a great search engine, Google has some other fabulous features which are great for people with ADHD.

My two favorite Google tools for adults with ADHD are Google Documents and Google Calendar. Since they are web-based, you can access your information from any computer, whether you are at home, work, a friend’s place, or cafe. Plus it doesn’t matter how many computers or gadgets you lose, you won’t lose your valuable information.

You don’t need to have a Gmail account to access these tools—although I highly recommend that too!—you just need a Google account which you can create in just a few minutes.

Google Documents
Google Documents looks like other word processors, so there is no learning curve. The incredible thing about the Google Docs is that your work is saved automatically for you almost every second. You never have to press “Save” again. EVER.  So many people with ADHD forget to save the information they are working on, and then it gets lost forever. That feeling of loss and frustration is a thing of the past. There are also other features that might be useful to you like spreadsheets and the ability to work with other people on the same document at the same time.

Google Calendar
Google Calendar has many great features. You can access your schedule from any computer, phone, or iPhone, and receive email or text message reminders of your upcoming appointments. This will dramatically reduce the chances of you missing an important appointment. It’s also very easy to share your calendar with the important people in your life.

If you are more traditional, it’s very easy to print your calendar out so you have a paper version.

Actions for this Week
1.Create a Google account (if you haven’t already).
2.Have a look at both Google Docs and Calendar.
3.Decide how you can use them to make your life easier.

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