Ready For Take Off ADHD Coaching

‘Ready for Take off’ ADHD Coaching Package

Introducing the ‘Ready for Take off’ ADHD Coaching Package

Do you want to see some positive changes in your life quickly? Then Ready for Take off Coaching coaching is for you.


It’s Jacqui with a special message and offer for you.

For the last 8 years I have offered ADHD coaching in weekly 1 hour sessions — many clients were able to make lasting changes in their lives without feeling stressed or overwhelmed using these “bite-sized” sessions.

However there have always been a number of clients who wanted more. They were so hungry for change that those weekly sessions weren’t, and still aren’t enough. They could eat the proverbial elephant in one sitting, and still have room for more.

Do you recognize yourself in one or more of these descriptions?

  •  You want to address your ADHD challenges and see results quickly
  •   You have been wanting to make changes in your life for a while, and now that you’ve made the decision are super ready to see results
  •   You have had a lot of changes (new job, moved house) in your life recently and need to get on an even keel again ASAP
  •   You have had a big trauma (divorce, death of a loved one) — your world has turned upside down and your ADHD symptoms have become a lot worse and you need solutions now
  •   You are a high achiever and like results fast in order to keep motivated to continue
  •   You need to dig deep and really nurture yourself. Perhaps your self esteem and confidence are really low. You’re feeling sad and anxious, overwhelmed, worried. You are ready take the time are resolve these life long patterns.
  •   The term ‘slow and steady’ does not apply to you.

What are the benefits of ‘Ready for Takeoff’ ADHD Coaching Package?

Dr Edward Hallowell described my book ‘Untapped Brilliance’ as Full of hope and practical wisdom.

Hope and practical, perfectly describe the coaching approach I use.

Hope: is knowing and believing things will improve and there will be a positive outcome soon.Practical: is something useful that can be implemented to experience good results

and when you register for the Ready for Takeoff coaching you experience that powerful combination first hand.

In the Ready For Takeoff Coaching program Hope gives you

ADD HelpA feeling of relief. Everything that was bothering you about your ADHD is going to be
ADD HelpA feeling of happiness
ADD HelpA motivation to do things
ADD HelpAn increase in self esteem
ADD HelpA ‘can do’ attitude
ADD HelpA positive outlook
ADD HelpA confidence that this time will be different, that you will be able to make positive
lasting changes


ADD HelpHope provides the foundation on which all the practical can be built

In the Ready For Takeoff Coaching program,you receive a uniquely tailored program to you and your ADHD and we address issues such as:

ADHD Coaching Time management skills
ADHD Coaching Beating procrastination
ADHD Coaching Money management
ADHD Coaching Improving communication skills
ADHD Coaching How to do actions that are scary for you
ADHD Coaching Limiting bad habits…smoking, drinking, driving too fast etc
ADHD Coaching Managing impulsive behavior
ADHD Coaching Making decisions in a timely fashion
ADHD Coaching Ability to believe in yourself
ADHD Coaching Combating worry and fear
ADHD Coaching Don’t take things personally
ADHD Coaching Limiting mood swings
ADHD Coaching Increasing productivity
ADHD Coaching Improving sleep quality
ADHD Coaching Having consistent energy
ADHD Coaching Keeping a tidy environment
ADHD Coaching Feeling organized
ADHD Coaching Improving relationships with the important people in your life

You have a step by step plan so you know exactly what actions to do and when.
Someone to hold you accountability, share ideas, wins and problems with.

Plus something unique and magical that only you experience.

Almost all my clients experience a huge ‘something’ that they weren’t expecting from the coaching. Examples include being able to talk kindly to themselves for the first time ever, stop having melt downs. Feel good enough about themselves to start losing weight, start dating again or ask for a pay raise.

To believe that their life could be different even though they’ve worked with every professional available, Wake up happy for no obvious reason, decide to start a business. None of these things were planned but were a direct result of the ADHD coaching, and each one deeply enhanced my client’s quality of life.

Whoever you are and whatever your challenges, ‘Ready for Take off’ ADHD Coaching  will give you the results you want faster than any other coaching package I offer.

The quality of coaching isn’t compromised, in fact it is optimized. Much more can be achieve in 3 consecutive hours than 3 separate hours.  In that uninterrupted block of time together we can get to the bottom of your ADHD issues and develop the perfect solution for you. You will walk away with a strategic action plan that addresses all the problems of your unique situation.AND because weekly coaching session are invaluable to implementation, ‘Ready for Take off’ ADHD Coaching includes those too.

What exactly does ‘Ready for Take off’ ADHD Coaching  include?

There are 2 options…you pick which is best for you. If you aren’t sure, let me know and I’m happy to discuss with you.

1/2 Day Option

  •   1 hour getting to know you coaching session
  •   2 half day (3 hours) of coaching with me.
  •   10 1 hour coaching sessions as follow up so you can implement what we talked about and know I’m there to support you
  •   A copy of Untapped Brilliance Ebook

This is option is perfect for you if:
• You enjoy concentrating for shorter periods of time
• You don’t enjoy talking very much
• You get overwhelmed with too many new ideas.

Full Day Option

  •   1 hour getting to know you coaching session
  •   Full day (which is 6 hours) of coaching with me. Either in person or virtually…your choice. Don’t worry we do have breaks!
  •   10 1 hour coaching sessions as follow up so you can implement what we talked about and know I’m there to support you
  •   A copy of Untapped Brilliance Ebook

This is option is perfect for you if:
• You don’t live in Montreal and want to meet in person
• Have a partner/husband/wife/parent and would like them to have an hour coaching with me, or to answer all of their questions.
• Enjoy spending long periods of quality time with 1 person
• Can concentrate for 6 hours (with breaks)

Ready to start? Great!  Let’s do it!

All you need to do is hit the buy now button. Once you have made the investment you will receive your copy of Untapped Brilliance straight away.

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For a convenient payment plan, please select the plan below:

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Then I will email you to say “hi”, schedule our first appointment and get started!


“After working with Jacqueline I cannot begin to tell you how much she has made an impact on my life.She is the ONLY professional who has ever been able to make a difference. After years of frustration, near misses and unfulfilled dreams Jacqueline managed to tap into what makes me tick and utilize my strengths. Jacqueline has helped me turn my personal and professional dreams into realities.”
~Peter Bailey

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