While spring doesn’t officially start in the Northern Hemisphere until the 20th of March, here in Montreal it is feeling decidedly spring like! The sun is out, the snow has gone, daylight saving time starts this weekend and very soon the trees and flowers will explode into life. There is only one hurdle to jump before we effortlessly slip into summer and that is taxes. Taxes are a HUGE problem for people with ADHD and can result in many years of unfiled taxes.
Even if you are up to date with your taxes and only have this year’s to file, it’s still an area of dread, because it involves so many tasks that can be excruciatingly painful, such as sitting down, concentrating, organizing documentation and doing mundane tasks through the year, such as opening the mail and filing paperwork when it arrives.

This weeks article is written by Frugal Trader, from the blog ‘Million Dollar Journey’ http://www.milliondollarjourney.com. It gives lots of practical information for Canadians as you are preparing your taxes. If you live in another country the specifics may be different, but the article will give you ideas and enthusiasm as you are filing your taxes.
Other news, I am launching my first program for Entrepreneurs with ADD. So far the response and enthusiasm as been quite incredible. If you would like to learn more go to https://untappedbrilliance.com/site/untapped-brilliance-for-entrepreneurs.

Good luck with those Taxes!

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