power of groups for people with adhd We live in a society that prizes independence, at work employees value autonomy and at home more people live on their own than ever before. However, humans weren’t designed to forge ahead as lone wolves. We are pack animals. We perform better at work and live longer and are healthier (physically and emotionally) when they are connected to others.

There are 1000’s of research studies to support this, however here are two. Babies that have all the physical needs meet, but aren’t picked up and held, gain less weight than babies who are given exactly the same amount of food, but have lots of cuddle time.

Pre-diabetics who tracked their food intake, exercise, weight and attended small weekly group meetings saw much better results control group that were just taking medication (AND they were eating a diet that we now know isn’t helpful to diabetics)

From my own personal experience every time I have run a group program, no matter how the great I think the content is :), the thing people love the most is connecting with other positive ADDers. Even though they hadn’t joined for that reason, that is, what they enjoyed the most.

When you connect with people who ‘get’ you, who have the same struggles and challenges, it’s validating and healing. That in turn changes something inside you, so you can be the best version of you possible.

This week your homework is to get social and join a group. It could be an ADHD support group (just make sure it’s a positive, action oriented one) or you could join a group that isn’t specifically for ADHDer, but addresses one of your challenges.

For example, an exercise group.

If the thought of joining a group is really off putting research also found that even teaming up with just one person is helpful. So you might find a friend or colleague who is interested in the same goal as you, perhaps decluttering or tackling your procrastination list and work on that together.

Happy Socializing!


PS The best way to find a group near you is the ask the fountain of all knowledge…the Internet…to help you:)

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