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Private & Laser Coaching

Laser Coaching Session:
One 60-minute session
Make $160 Payment
Six Month Package:
Ten 60-minute sessions
Make $1300 Payment

Specialty Coaching

ADHD Self-Care Blueprint

Your Personalized ADHD Self-Care Blueprint

You will work 1:1 with Jacqueline to determine your best daily plan to manage your ADHD naturally.

This includes:

  • What time to wake up and go to bed (and how to sleep well)
  • What type of exercise is best for you, the optimum time of day and how often
  • How to incorporate hydration, omega 3 and the right kinds of foods into your daily life
  • The best way to start your day
  • Smooth transition to work

Your plan is all based on YOUR unique body clock, individual needs and how ADHD shows up for you. No two blue prints are the same.

“When I changed the way I ate ( as Jacqui recommended) a lot of the things I thought were due to ADHD just disappeared.”
Mark Kawate

You will receive: 

  •  2 1/2 hours Coaching with Jacqueline via skype or phone
  • Written version of  Your Personalized ADHD Self-Care Blueprint
  • Personalized Checklists to make implementation easy and do-able


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Get Things Done Coaching Package

The ‘Get Things Done’ coaching package is different from the other private coaching packages I offer. Rather than 1-60 minute coaching session every week, or every second week. There are 2- 30 minutes coaching sessions every week for 10 weeks. At the end of each session we write a manageable to do list for you to achieve for the next coaching session. You never go longer than 4 days without speaking to your ADHD coach (me) and you can email me too. The benefit of this package is that we focus on you creating momentum in your life, getting things done creates success. Success breeds success, and increases your confidence and self esteem. $1,500
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Parent Coaching Package

Are you a parent of an ADHD child? Do you want to help them overcome their ADHD struggles and challenges? Do want to learn how to make some positive changes in their life? Then Parent Coaching is perfect for you. Jacqueline coaches you so that you can help you child (under 18) overcome their challenges.

Parent Coaching includes 7 one hour individual coaching sessions. Either in person or over the telephone. $995.00
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Ready for Take Off Package

Do you want to see some positive changes in your life quickly? This fast track package includes one 1-hour getting to know you coaching session, 2 half day (3 hours) or one full day (6 hours) of coaching with Jacqui, ten 1-hour coaching sessions as follow up so you can implement what we talked about and know Jacqui is there to support you. You also will receive a copy of the Untapped Brilliance Ebook.

Choose Your Package

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