If you have been following me for even just a little bit, you know I am a BIG fan of Omega 3. I recommend it to everyone who has ADHD because it’s the easiest thing you can do with the biggest results. However, if you aren’t convinced, then watch this video!

It shows what a dramatic effect Omega 3 can have on your life. Elliot, the little boy featured in the film found school boring. His teachers said his memory and concentration were poor and he wasn’t performing as well as his peers. Elliot spent all his free time watching TV on the sofa. That all changed after a short time taking Omega 3 supplements. Elliot’s reading advanced 18 months, his interest in TV diminished and the library became his favourite place. He had a desire and motivation to participate in life. That’s pretty impressive!

The scientists carrying out the study explain Omega 3 ‘has a simple, but extraordinary effect on the brain. It helps learning by making it easier for signals to jump the gap between brain cells.’ However, the benefits of taking Omega 3 aren’t just limited to children. You can take Omega 3 whatever your age and experience improvements in memory and concentration. This is study is highlights why it is important to take Omega 3 when you have ADHD and casts a shadow on reports that claim there are no benefits to taking Omega 3.

If you are reading this and aren’t taking Omega 3, run, don’t walk to your nearest health food store or pharmacy and pick up a bottle!

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