I am not a techie.

In fact I hate getting new gadgets, because then I have to figure out how to use them. The learning curve feels annoying rather than exciting to me.

My friend Phil is the opposite. He loves that stuff.

If ever I run into a tech problem, I have a 2 step process.


  • Step 1. Go to google or youtube and problem solve.
  • Step 2. If I haven’t found the answer in an hour, email Phil

He usually sends me a link to a helpful article or video within minutes.

How can he can find out the answer so fast?

Because his tech knowledge is vast, he knows what to type into google, he can rule out unhelpful options without even realize he is doing it. Plus he can prioritize because he knows what is most important and what isn’t.

When I thank him he shrugs and says ‘it was nothing’. Because it honestly wasn’t a big deal to him.

I bet you have a topic like that too.

Mine is ADHD.

I know the answers to problems without consciously knowing how I know it.

‘Jacqui has ALL the answers to EVERYTHING. Every problem you throw at her, she immediately gives you a tip or tool to handle that situation. I am no longer the same person I was’

Dee, 28 year old Medical student


One of my favourite things to do is help newly diagnosed adults. Getting an official ADHD diagnosis is great because now you know why you are the way you are. But it also leads to a whole new set of questions and possible problems

Do any of these sound like you?

  • Struggling to come to terms with the diagnosis?
  • Concerned there is a stigma around ADHD and it will hold you back professionally?
  • Wondering who to tell?
  • Feeling annoyed that you didn’t find out sooner?
  • Thinking back to events in your life and how they might have been different if you had known about ADHD?
  • Upset because your parents don’t ‘believe in’ ADHD?
  • Trying to figure out what lifestyle changes would help your ADHD symptoms
  • Questioning the diagnosis… did the doctor made a mistake?
  • Googling ‘natural treatments for ADHD’ and feeling overwhelmed with all the options?
  • Wondering, ‘Does this mean my life is going to be like this forever?’
  • Worried having ADHD will get in the way of having a serious relationship?
  • Trying to figure out which professionals can help?

Then check out the New to ADHD Coaching Consult, where I will be able to help you with your ADHD related problems.

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