A footpath through a forest with sunshine

Nature and ADHD

Did you know there is a positive link between spending time In nature and ADHD?

Researchers at the University of Illinois found that 20 minutes in nature (green therapy) helps reduce unwanted symptoms of Adult ADHD among its participants.

One of the reasons why green therapy works is because when you and your brain are in a relaxed place, your voluntary attention decreases (goal-directed attention), and your involuntary attention takes over, so your brain can rest and refresh itself.

Good news for city dwellers!

The benefits of being outside in a green area were present, whether the participants were in a city park or a remote rural setting.

There are all sorts of ways to incorporate green time into your day, from a gentle stroll to something more adventurous.

Here are some activities you could do while you are spending time in nature.

15 activities ways to spend time in nature

1. A stroll or a gentle walk

2. Bike riding

3. In–line skating/skateboarding

4. Horseback riding

5. Growing a garden

6. Hiking

7. Canoeing

8. Fishing

9. Running

10. Flying a kite

11. Camping

12. Gardening

13. Yoga or Tai Chi (outside)

14. Bird watching

15. Walking your dog

 Depending on where you live and your lifestyle, some of these activities you will only be able to do at the weekend. While others are more accessible and you can do them every day. 

If you aren’t used to being outside in a green setting, slowly integrate it into your life until it’s part of your daily routine.

Remember, it’s important to be in a green setting and not just outside:

The greener and more natural the environment, the bigger the reduction in ADHD symptoms.

Action Steps for Spending Time in Nature

1. Have at least 20 minutes of green time a day (but there is no maximum).

2. Try every item on the list once, just for fun!

3. On days that you aren’t able to go outside, notice and compare how you feel and function to the days you are in nature.

How do you spend time in nature?

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