I have some super exciting news.

Kajabi has an app!

It’s a game changer, because now can watch all your courses on your phone!

Now, you might be thinking ‘but why is that so exciting?’

Let me explain.

Kajabi is this amazing company that makes it easy for people like me (an ADHD Coach) to offer courses to my clients and customers.

Back in 2017 when I was researching the best place to host my new course for ADHDers to manage their ADHD naturally, (Essentially Brilliant) Kabjai seemed the winner.

I am not a techie, so I wanted a tech experience that wasn’t complicated and had good customer service.

It was the right choice!

None of the tech issues I had experienced in the past with other platforms ever occured when my courses were hosted on Kajabi, which means my customers and clients have a smooth hassle-free tech experience.

I wasn’t the only person who picked Kajabi.

Lots of other course creators use Kajabi to host their courses.

If you have bought and enrolled in courses with people in any industry there’s a good chance their course is hosted by Kajabi too.

Now back to the app.

Before the app, I used to watch courses on my laptop.

That wasn’t always convenient.

I didn’t always have my laptop with me, and when I did, sometimes the thought of finding the login details (even though it would only take a few seconds) created enough of a mental hurdle that I would put it off.

Everything changed with the app.

It’s right there on my phone.

When I click into the app, all the courses that I have enrolled in (with multiple professionals) appear.

It makes listening and learning from the content much more accessible.

So if you are enrolled/enrolling in The Untapped Brilliance Club and trying to access

  • Essentially Brilliant,
  • The Business Brilliance Society
  • It’s a Wrap
  • The Email Club
  • I’m Going to Bed Now-For Sure
  • Coaching call replays
  • Planning Workshops
  • Etc!

All your courses and content are in the palm of your hand!

You can watch the lessons…

  • While you are commuting.
  • Doing your housework
  • Cooking dinner
  • Decluttering your office
  • Taking a bath
  • Going for a walk.

Here’s an instructional video that shows you how to download it in IOS and Android.



Let me know how you find it!

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