There is a lot of skepticism about ADHD (almost always among those that don’t have it). There is both skepticism that it is being over-diagnosed, or that it’s a modern illness that drug companies have created.

The truth is that there is historical evidence of what we now refer to as ADHD as far back as 93 BC. The Greek physician and scientist Hippocrates described a condition featuring ‘quickened responses to sensory experience, but also less tenaciousness because the soul moves on quickly to the next impression’.

In his book An Inquiry into the Nature and Origin of Mental Derangement which he wrote in 1798, Sir Alexander Crichton refers to hyperactivity as “mental restlessness”.

In 1902 the British doctor (whose name is ironically) Dr. Still, made reference to cases of impulsiveness.

So it isn’t that ADHD is ‘new’ or ‘modern’. It’s that much more is known about ADHD now than ever before and everyone that has ADHD or is close to someone with ADHD knows this is a very good thing.

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