A client was sitting on the sofa in my office the other day and used a great expression to describe days that are rather blah. She called them “Ho Hum” days. A Ho Hum Day is when you have done everything that is expected of you, but nothing that really makes you feel, “Wow, that was a GREAT day,” and feel good about yourself.

The interesting thing about GREAT days is you don’t need to have gone sky diving or found the cure for cancer. It only needs a small amount of time and a small amount of activity and your day can be transformed. Life is too short to have “Ho Hum” days, so here are the three elements to transforming a Ho Hum day into a GREAT day.

  1. Take action.
  2. Do something that will make you feel good.
  3. Experience something different. For example, if you usually watch lots of TV, get moving! But if you are usually doing a million different things, curling up on the sofa with a movie would be the perfect thing for you.


Transforming Your Day on Short Notice

If it’s the end of the day and you have that “Ho Hum” feeling, here are a few things to try:

Blitz Procrastination
As achievements give you a sense of pride and raise your spirits, why not tackle something you have been procrastinating on? It doesn’t matter if it’s a phone call or a small project around the house. Get it done and your mood will lift.

Organize an Area in Your Home
Something magical happens when you move physical items around. There is a shift in energy that will make you feel more energetic. You could organize your desk, a kitchen counter or a shelf in your fridge.

Grab a plastic bag and throw away 21 things. Decluttering, even for a few minutes, raises your energy because a cluttered environment sucks away your energy, leaving you tired and even depressed.

Pick Up the Phone
If you haven’t had close connection with friends recently, pick up the phone. A conversation with someone who cares about you will inspire, motivate and distress you.

Do some exercise. This is always a winner to shift your mood and make you feel great. if there is not time for the gym, put on your favourite tunes and dance away.


Transforming Your Day with Advanced Notice

When you have time in advance to plan a GREAT day, stick with the same principles. Do something that you know you REALLY enjoy or that you haven’t experienced before.

Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Visit an art gallery.
  2. Cook a great meal and invite friends over.
  3. Take a class.
  4. Run a race.
  5. Spend time with someone who is dear to you.
  6. Paint a room.
  7. Volunteer at a soup kitchen.
  8. See a live band.
  9. Plant a garden.
  10. Spend time in nature.

When you get into the habit of having GREAT days, you will start to notice changes. You will be more energized and find that your self-esteem increases. You’ll start moving towards your goals faster and you’ll be more fun to be around!

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