ADHD can’t be cured, but it can be successfully managed. You can take charge of managing your ADHD using this multi-prong process (which sounds more complex than it actually is)! The 4 prongs are:
How to Treat ADHD
– Medical treatment
– Lifestyle changes
– Life Skills
– Psychological well-being

Medical treatment

This could mean ADHD meds; if they are something you have chosen to take.
It also means treating other conditions that you might have;
Including conditions that are known to often co-exist with ADHD, like depression and sleeping disorders. But also other conditions that seem unrelated, like thyroid problems,

Lifestyle changes 

You can make some helpful lifestyle changes to reduce ADHD symptoms by increasing the amount of dopamine in your brain.
These include the Untapped Brilliance steps 1-5, such as taking an Omega 3 supplement, eating a healthy ADHD diet, meditation, daily exercise, and getting a good night’s sleep.

Life Skills

Have you heard the phrase ‘Pills don’t teach skills’?
Learning ADHD-friendly ways to help with time management, organization, and other tasks, often one that non-ADHDers find easy, like laundry and food shopping, is an essential part of managing ADHD.
Never feel bad that you don’t just ‘know’ how to do these things. Instead, start where you are right now.

Psychological well-being

This is paramount to success. For example, self-esteem is often lower in people with ADHD than their non-ADHD peers, through years of trying to conform to a world whose brains work differently to yours. When you are in a good head space, it’s easier to implement the actions involved in the other prongs.


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