Our home is our safe haven from the rest of the world. This is more important than ever if you are an adult with ADHD. Home isn’t just a place to store belongings and carry out functional activities such as sleeping, eating and bathing. It is where we are soothed and calmed when we are stressed or upset. It is where we regroup and get centered for the next day.

There is something about being among your own belongings that makes you feel happy, safe and secure. This doesn’t mean you are materialistic, but being surrounded by your own creature comforts has an emotional component that goes much deeper than purely the functionality or looks of an environment.

Your home represents your personality, your hobbies and your likes and preferences. Even if you don’t consider yourself a designer, put a lot of thought into each item in your home, from the type of mattress to the color on the walls.

We know that our physical environment affects us a great deal. For example, clutter distracts us, depresses us and makes us sleepy. Different colors affect our mood as well. For example, a room painted yellow enhances concentration and a room painted green is relaxing and calming.

Nate Berkus, who you may have seen on The Oprah Winfrey Show, has a great approach to creating a welcoming home. He believes homes should be filled with meaning and memories of the person or people who live there. With this in mind, don’t keep your collection of… (fill in the blank) hidden away, put them out on display. There will be a way to do it in a tasteful and non-cluttered way.

Rather than going to Ikea and buying generic artwork, why not frame something that is personal to you such as your children’s artwork, a favorite birthday card, a photo you took (don’t be bashful) or something you painted. When you go on holiday, bring something back from your trip, not just a postcard or tacky souvenir, but something that will bring back happy memories from your trip: a plate, vase, picture, etc.

Knowing how important our physical environment is, why not make yours super special?

  1. The biggest thing to give your home a lift is to declutter. This is one of the biggest challenges among my clients with ADHD. Start small and do a little every day.
  2. Ensure your home is clean. Not only is a clean home hygienic, it is also uplifting to your spirits and your nose!
  3. Go from room to room with fresh eyes and a notebook and decide what you would like to update or refresh. It could be a new coat of paint, new window dressing or a new rug.
  4. Also write in the notebook anything that needs mending, perhaps a crack in the paint, a broken handle, etc.
  5. If you have your interests reflected in your decoration, think about how you could incorporate the two. This is the fun part!

Soon your home will be an even greater place to welcome you after your busy day.

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