People with ADHD are very hard on themselves and spend a lot of time thinking about and doing what they aren’t good at. However, the more time you spend working with your strengths and talents, (rather than battling with the things that are hard for you) you will notice not only will life be easier, your confidence and self esteem will increase, and your life will be much more joyful.

If you have ADHD then it’s highly likely that you undervalue your natural strengths. But remember, just because something comes easily to you doesn’t mean that it’s easy for everyone or it isn’t a valuable strength.

You might spend so much time focusing on your weaknesses that you don’t even know what your strengths are, or worse, still don’t think you have any. I can guarantee you have strengths.

  1. Get a big piece of paper and write down 50 things you know you are good at or that you really enjoy doing. Usually they are the same thing, but not always. For example, you might really enjoy doing math because you are good at it and you get a buzz when you solve a problem. You might also love singing in the shower because it makes you feel happy and energetic, but also know that your dog has its paws over its ears.
  2. Include on your list, tasks at work, at home and hobbies. It’s easy to lump everything together and say well I hate my job but when you break it down you will find that there are elements you are good at, and elements you aren’t. For example you might be really good at impro-presentation, but dislike writing long detailed reports.
  3. If you are struggling to come up with 50, ask your family and friends for there ideas too.
  4. With your completed list think how you can incorporate more of those 50 into your daily life. If you like cooking perhaps you will do more cooking at home and less eating out. If you like cleaning the bathroom but hate doing laundry speak to the people in your household and make arrangements.
  5. While each item might seem small, when they are accumulated they represent a big part of your life and you will notice a significant and positive shift in your life.  Rather like a snowflake which is tiny on its own but when there are many together they can form together to make a fun snowman or create havoc on the roads.

Start to focus on your strengths this very minute!.

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