Habits = ADHD SuccessThis week, lots of clients have talked about wanting success. Each had a different definition of success… a successful student, a successful business owner, have a successful relationship or be a successful declutterer …but, they all want to be succeed in the area that is important to them.

Success is always possible; all it takes is consistent daily effort.

Unfortunately, adults with ADHD often don’t trust themselves to carry out consistent daily actions because they haven’t been able to do that in the past and so they have lost confidence and faith in their own ability.

This where habits come in!! Since a habit is behaviour that happensĀ automatically. If you create some habits you know that will lead you to success, then success while happen automatically!

It sounds quite simple doesn’t it? However, adults with ADHD can be very resistant to creating routine and habits because they feel they like to be spontaneous and creative and a habit feels restricting.

But, the reverse is true. The creation of good habits, actually gives you freedom.

It gives you peace of mind that every day you will do what is needed automatically without any brain work or mental bargaining. It takes 28 days to for behaviour to come automatic. For those first 28 days, the new behaviour might be a struggle or uncomfortable. But the rewards will definitely pay off.

This week:
1) Decide what area of life you would like success in.
2) Think what action would bring success, for example if you are student, 4 hours of study every day.
3) Start to do the action every day for 28 days.
4) Keep track of your actions on a calendar.
5) Notice and enjoy how you are moving towards your goals.

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