How to Get Great Grades When you Have ADHD

Did you know that fewer adults
with ADHD to go to college than their non-ADD peers?
And those that DO attend have a lower graduation rate?

These are depressing stats. Particularly when ADDers are just as smart.

Not getting a degree, when you have the smarts, can lead to frustration, anger and ultimately loss of confidence and self esteem. The jobs that are available to you quickly become boring as they don’t simulate your mind. So you either change jobs regularly or frequently get fired.

It’s not your fault. There are physical reasons why studying is hard when you have ADHD. They have nothing to do with intelligence or lack of effort. ADHD affects how your executive functions (located in the frontal lobes of the brain) operate. This means as a student you have:

  • Difficulty concentrating (in class and writing papers etc)
  • Difficultly remembering information
  • Poor concept of time. You might miss classes, or not know how long a task will take
  • Difficulty with forward planning: managing your course load and preparing for exams is tough for you
  • Lack of motivation for uninteresting tasks
  • Difficultly getting started on projects and tasks

Despite these very real problems ADHD students face, there are ways to manage these challenges so you can get the grades you deserve and graduate from university.

I don’t have ADHD, however I am severely dyslexic (which I discovered when I was 28). The time I spent in school and university definitely was the hardest of my life. However during those years I developed strategies that allowed me to graduate and become a nurse and later earn a degree in psychology. I used those same strategies to write my book Untapped Brilliance, and to write this report. Those are also the strategies that as an ADHD Coach I share with my ADHD clients so they can also have huge success within their studies.


How to Get Great Grades When you Have ADHDIn this report you will learn

1) How to focus and concentrate in class, writing assessments and taking exams.

2) Time management skills such as:

  • How to show up for class and exams on time every time
  • How to hand in assessments and projects on the due date without driving yourself crazy
  • How to avoid last minute panics and all nighters to meet your deadlines
  • How to transition from the structured environment of school, to managing your time in the less structured university setting .

3) How to have a balanced social life whether you are Party Person or can’t make friends.

4) How to manage classic ADHD characteristics like procrastination, worry, stress, anxiety

5) Why communication skills are key for your student success, and how to improve yours (It is easier than it sounds)

6) How to keep positive and motivated during even the toughest times

7) Why treating and managing your ADHD is more important than ever before

8) How to get support for your ADHD from you School

9) How many classes to take each semester and whether or not you should get a job

10) What to do about smoking, drinking, and drugs

And much much more!

How to Get Great Grades When you Have ADHDThe guide has 3 components:

A written report: A 40 page written report that you can download immediately

Audio Version: An audio of the report…perfect if you don’t like reading

A Resource list of items that every ADHD Student needs for success

I want you to be completely satisfied with this product. So if you are not 100% satisfied, let me know and I will refund your investment, no questions asked and of course we will still be friends!

I have worked with many many ADHD students as an ADHD Coach over the last 8 years. While each person is very different, the problems they face are very similar. The information I share with these clients is the exact information that is in this report. So I am very confident that this report will help you too.

While I can’t be with you in person to help you implement the information in the report as a coach, I know it’s very important that you don’t just know the theory. I want you to take action to get good grades. This guide is very user friendly. The actions you need to take are broken down and simple to carry out. Plus you will see results very quickly, which will give you the motivation to keep going.

Will I be able to get through this Student Guide?

This is a very common ADHD trait. Plus as a student I know you are likely already feeling overwhelmed with all your reading for classes.

The audio version of the book is a great way to get all the information from the guide without having to read it. Plus there is a check list, so you can use that if you need a quick visual reminder of the content.

The report will definitely help you to understand the challenges that your son is facing as well as the best techniques that help ADHD students do well in their classes. When you have this knowledge you will be in a better position to assist your son.

Ready to Get Great Grades When you Have ADHD?

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~Peter Bailey

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