girls and adhdJust as the general public is surprised that adults have ADHD, they are also surprised to learn that girls and women have ADHD too and it’s not just a male disorder.

Boys are 3 times more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD than girls. This is properly because of the difference in behaviour. Boys tend to be rebellious and disruptive in the classroom and at home, so help and treatment is sought out. Girls, by  comparison are more likely to have inattentive ADHD. This means because ADHD, it isn’t so physically obvious to parents and teachers, therefore the girls are thought of as dreamy and not academic rather than having a problem that  needs help.

Stats show that girls with ADHD are more likely to have depression, anxiety, eating disorders and self-esteem issues than boys with ADHD. This is almost certainly a direct result of their ADHD not being recognized.

If you have a daughter who you think might have ADHD, start the process of getting a diagnosis right away. When you have an ADHD diagnosis, both of you are empowered. You know exactly what you are dealing with and can start treating it. This might include ADHD meds, but doesn’t have to necessarily.

Other ways to help your ADHD daughter are:

1) Spend some quiet one on one time with her every day. Go for a walk, hang out on the sofa and just listen to what she has to say. Most of it will be general chit chat, but when she is use to confiding in you, when something upsetting happens you will know about it immediately.

2) Find a sport or physical activity she enjoys. Make it easy and fun for her to do every day. Exercise, is a key. Not only does it help the ADHD symptoms, it also builds a healthy self-esteem. Girls that exercise are less likely to have eating  disorders, participate in underage drinking or engage in sexual relationships. All of which can be problems for girls with ADHD

3) Buy Omega 3 supplements so your daughter can start taking them (check with her family doctor first) Omega 3 is incredible. Read why here

4) Consider getting a dog. Pets are completely non-judgmental and loving and fun. If your daughter is shy they help with confidence and if she doesn’t like exercise, they make it fun.

5) Tell the school. When your daughter is diagnosed she will be able to get accommodations at school. For example, extra time for exams. Children don’t like to be different from their peers, but this will help her get the grades she is capable of. Which, in turn helps confidence and boosts moral.


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