A staggering 75% of ADHD adults are unable to quiet their minds enough so they can fall asleep. Some say they become very creative and productive when most people are heading to bed. Some report to feeling so tired they have to drag themselves through the day, but then aren’t tired at bedtime. Their mind is racing as soon as their head hits the pillow and stops sleep from arriving.

help with sleep and adhdWalking through life sleep deprived isn’t a pleasant experience; daily life is a struggle rather than joy. Sleep deprivation can result in symptoms that mirror your ADHD symptoms such as:

1. Anxiety

2. Difficulty concentrating

3. Forgetfulness

4. Hyperactivity

5. Increased distractibility

However, help is at hand and the solution is so easy every ADHD adult can try it. New research on insomnia (difficulty falling asleep or remaining asleep) has found that spending time in the sunlight every day aids sleep. This might sound very simplistic, but when you probe a little deeper, it makes sense.

The sun gives off a spectrum of electromagnetic radiation (sunlight). The spectrum of electromagnetic radiation that hits the earth’s atmosphere can be divided into five groups. For example, Ultraviolet A, B and C, Visible range and Infrared range. The Visible range spectrum is visible to the human eye and blue light is part of this spectrum.

Our eyes need to be exposed to blue light daily as it regulates our sleep pattern. Blue light suppresses the sleep hormone melatonin. However, if we go from one man made environment to  the next, house to car to office to car to house…our melatonin levels don’t change and our body doesn’t know when to sleep or when to be alert.

Conversely, you might be getting blue light when you don’t want it. TV and computers can give off blue light, which also keep you awake. So, it’s important not to do those activities near bedtime.

However, time during the day looking at the TV or computer doesn’t count towards your blue light time…nothing is as beneficial as the real thing…so get in the sunshine!

This week create a plan to be outdoors (without your shades) every day. Below are a few examples:

  • Go for a walk during your lunch break
  • Do your exercise outside rather than inside
  • Run errands on foot rather than driving

Then you will start to notice its benefits on your sleeping patterns.
Happy Zzzzzzz’s


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