Getting Things Done When you have ADHDDo you have a ton of important things to do, but never have enough time to get them done? When you have ADHD your list of ‘to dos’ can seem never ending, decision making, procrastination, fear, overwhelm and anxiety are all common when you have ADHD and they can stop you from taking action and doing day to day tasks. Like booking a dental appointment, taxes, laundry, meal planning, taking down holiday decorations etc., this results in you feeling like you are drowning in tasks, and it effects your confidence and energy levels.

There is a great way to gain control over your life and these items. It isn’t original and you will properly feel resistance to it at first. However, bear with me, because it really works. It’s scheduling. You write in your agenda when you are going to do a particular task e.g. 4 p.m. phone dentist’s office. Then when it’s 4 p.m. on Monday you make the call.

Adults with ADD usually hate this idea and give me all sorts of reasons why it won’t work for them. For example, “just because I have written it down doesn’t mean I will actually do it” or “I might not feel like doing the task at the time I wrote down”. However, after 2 or 3 weeks of scheduling tasks they never want to go back. It feels so good knowing that you can count on yourself and that everything will get done.

Here are 5 Scheduling tips:

1) If you aren’t sure how long something takes, time yourself doing it 3 times and then you will have an average time that will help you plan in the future.

2) When you start scheduling tasks, you might find you don’t feel like doing it at the time you planned. Do it anyway. After a few weeks that feeling will go. That feeling will be replaced with one that is more like excitement, because you know when you have finished the task you will feel accomplished/relieved/proud etc.

3) Write appointments with yourself in a different color than appointments you make with other people. It makes reading your agenda easier.

4) Start with just one appointment with yourself a day and then gradually add more. If you go from zero a packed schedule you will feel overwhelmed or restricted and not want to continue.

5) If you have a task you are dreading, schedule it first thing in the morning. When you get it done early you don’t have to spend the whole day worrying about it. Plus you get to enjoy the accomplished feeling all day.


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