Where does the ADHD Productivity consult take place?

There are 3 options! We can meet in my office, if you live locally, via skype or over the phone. I work with
clients all over the world, and the results you experience are the same whichever option you pick.

What happens after I click the ‘buy’ button

Once you have made your investment you will automatically be sent to my online calendar so that you can
pick a time for your Consult appointment. It is super easy to use. However, if you have any problems you
can email my directly at


You will automatically receive the mini book ‘The Highly Productive ADHDer,’ which you can read straight
away, or dip into it as a reference book.

Within 24 hours of our consult I will email you your personalized checklist of actions to increase your

My life is so disorganized and my problems have been around for decades, how will 1 consult help?

You are right, 1 consult can’t immediately resolve all your problems. However, the ADHD Productivity
Consult gives you an excellent kick start and a road map. Clients have lightbulb moments and gain a
greater understanding about how ADHD affects them. They feel hopeful that change is possible(often for
the first time in years) as well as get a clear understanding of exactly what they need to do for that change
to happen.

Do you ever get booked up?

Sometimes! If you know you want to have a consult, but not right now, you can book your appointment
up to 3 months ahead.

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