The other day a friend made an off-hand comment that made me laugh at first and then ponder. We had had a brief chat early in the day and then he said, “OK, you right the world and I will speak to you later.” There was something paradoxical and empowering about that comment. I would do something totally earth shattering during the day and then we would have another routine chat that evening. Rather like the line “Only got 4 minutes to save the world” from Madonna’s song “4 Minutes.” When I listen to that song, I think, “Well, if Madonna can save the world in four minutes, I can definitely accomplish everything on my to do list,” no matter how daunting it looks.

As an adult with ADHD, it’s very easy to get bogged down in things you find challenging, such as organizing, keeping things tidy and clean and arriving on time to appointments. “Ordinary” things that most people seem to do effortlessly are a struggle. However, if you spend too much of your time in “struggle mode” you forget how many wonderful gifts you have and that people without ADHD can only dream about.

As an adult with ADHD, you can accomplish something extra original today – or save the world in four minutes. If the thought of saving the world in four minutes sounds far-fetched, it’s not! David Neeleman is founder of JetBlue Airways and inventor of the e-ticket. Chances are, the idea of the e-ticket came to him in a flash (in less than four minutes) and with this flash of inspiration, he single-handedly changed the world. (Thousands of trees are being saved thanks to him! Mr. Neeleman has ADHD and credits his success “entirely” to ADHD. There are many famous ADHD people out there, who are not known for being organized or for their ability to sit still for three hours and stay out of mischief. But they ARE known for their out of the box thinking and changing the world. Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison and Benjamin Franklin were all thought to have ADHD and all had a positive influence on our world.

This week focus on doing the extra ordinary.

  1. Stretch yourself to do something you thought was beyond your personal best or something that seemed impossible. Don’t see having ADHD as a weakness that gets in your way, but as a strength that gives you an advantage.
  2. If you feel anxious or overwhelmed, listen to Madonna’s “4 Minutes.” You can find it on YouTube. It will lift your spirits and help you feel empowered.
  3. Remind yourself that you have the ability to think big and be creative.
  4. Allow time to think. It might be in the shower, on the drive to work, or during another activity where you get your inspiration. Pay attention to your thoughts and ideas.
  5. Ask yourself, “What would make today an extra original day?”

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