Lots of research now shows that ADHD adults have problems with executive functions. Executive functions are high level cognitive processes that directly regulate other cognitive processes. All this takes place automatically and  unconsciously in the brain’s frontal lobes.

I like to think of Executive functions are like the brains project manager. Just as a project manager instructs and coordinates their team so that each member carries out their assigned role to reach their objective. The executive functions  direct a ‘team’ of central control processes in the brain that are responsible for other brain functions.

Here is a list of executive functions that affect how we function in daily life:

  • Working memory and recall
  • Keeping facts in mind, manipulating information and retrieving stored data from long term memory
  • Motivation, activation, arousal and effort
  • Starting, giving attention to and finishing a task
  • Emotional control
  • Enduring frustration, thinking prior to speaking or taking action
  • Language internalization
  • Controlling self talk to manage actions and behavior
  • Complex problem solving
  • Breaking down a problem, examining its components and synthesizing ideas towards a solution

When you have ADHD these things might not happen automatically, however there are things you can do externally to help support your executive functioning.

Below are some suggestions. I have written articles on many of the tips, so if something peaks your interest, just click on the link.

For time management:

Use a timer

Use a paper agenda with a week at a glance layout so you know what you day and week look like

Set alarms, alarm clock, watch, phone

Have ‘transitional time’ between activities

Getting things done

Use checklists

Write to do lists

Break big tasks into smaller bite size pieces

Use a white board to keep track of all your projects

Use ‘Don’t break the chain’ technique so you don’t leave things to the last minute


Write things down so you don’t forget anything

Use one note book to write everything in. When it’s full get another one Create habits around things you do or need to do a lot

Physical space

Keep it clutter free (I know this is hard)

Colour code items

Have a place for everything

Is there anything you do to help support your executive functions? I would love to hear what you find works for you.
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