On paper, George should be happy. He has a supportive wife, two healthy children, a university degree and a job that pays the bills.  Yet George is miserable and feels a little more frustrated with himself every day.

Each morning he wakes up sleep-deprived and with a sense of dread about the day a head. Life doesn’t seem fun; it feels like something to get through.

His ADHD symptoms are managed just well enough that he can do what is required of him to avoid getting fired or having arguments at home. However, he lives with an uneasy feeling of dissatisfaction that he is capable of so much more.

George knows he is talented and smart, which actually makes him feel worse not better.

After all, if he is smart, why can’t he figure this out?

He is a little resentful of his friends’ achievements. Their successes seemed to come easily. If he told people how he feels, they would be shocked because to the outside world, George seems cheerful, articulate and easy going. Nobody sees how hard George has to work behind the scenes to give that ‘normal’ appearance.

George feels stuck.

He calls it a ‘failure loop’ because no matter how hard he tries he can’t seem to break it. He often experiments with new techniques or tactics that could help his ADHD. He is always optimistic that this will be THE thing that will change everything. However, after a week or three, he stops doing it. Perhaps it’s because the technique doesn’t seem to be working or because he forgets. That only seems to prove to George that he really is stuck.

At the end of the day when everyone else is in bed, George stays up and surfs the internet, mindlessly flicking through websites until he finds an article interesting enough to read.

Before he knows it, it’s 3 a.m. and, feeling defeated, he drags himself to bed. He is painfully aware that his alarm will be ringing in three and a half hours. He feels annoyed with himself (again) for not going to bed like a regular person. He is so sick of breaking promises to himself.

Hi, I am Jacqueline Sinfield! I have been an ADHD coach for the past 13 years.  During that time I have heard many stories like George’s. As heartbreaking as the stories are, I know the person’s life won’t be that way much longer.  When people contact me, I know they are ready for some big changes. And it’s my job to help them.

At the start of the conversation, people are understandably skeptical. As much as they want help for their ADHD, they also want to protect themselves from getting excited and hopeful only to be disappointed… again. They have probably worked with many different professionals over the years and tried a variety of different tactics. Why would this be different?

A message I hear again and again from the people I have worked with:

‘Jacqueline is the only professional that has been able to help me.’

I might never know the exact reasons for these successes, but I can make a good guess.  🙂

It’s a combination of my formal education (nurse, psychology degree, coach) and my personal experience of living with severe dyslexia. While ADHD and dyslexia are different conditions, there is enough of an overlap that I understand really well the challenges people with ADHD have – so well in fact that people ask, ‘Are you psychic?’ or, ‘Are you in my head right now?’

I’m not! 🙂 However, this deep understanding and years of experience allow me to know what helps ADHD symptoms, what doesn’t, what should take priority and what can be left for later or even forgotten completely.

Most important of all, I understand what are the easiest things for a person living with ADHD to implement to give them the biggest results.

Over the years I have developed a sequence of habits and techniques that, when implemented together, allow ADHD symptoms to be managed naturally. These are the foundation pieces and the backbone of the Untapped Brilliance Signature Coaching program.

Regardless of age, gender or career path, everyone benefits from implementing these keys pieces into their lives.

Because I lay these foundational pieces with all my one-to-one clients, I decided to create a resource library of training videos and worksheets so that my clients can refer to this information again and again.

That is when I had a brain wave! Since this information is universally helpful to all adults with ADHD, why not turn it into a course?

And that is how Essentially Brilliant! was born. It is a bite-sized training resource that will have a really big impact on your life.

Do you…

  • Always feel behind and disorganized?
  • Find it hard to sit down and do the work?
  • Get overwhelmed and put things off until the last minute?
  • Find it hard to focus unless a deadline is looming?
  • Start good habits yet stop doing them after a few weeks?
  • Play a tug of war in your mind, between positive ‘I can do this’ messages and ‘You are a fake; people are going to find you out soon’?
  • Arrive at least 10 minutes late for all appointments?
  • Start one task and jump to another and another and never seem to finish any of them?
  • Have good ideas but don’t seem to follow through on them?

It’s hard to make progress in your life if your ADHD symptoms keep sabotaging your efforts.

Essentially Brilliant! can help. You can learn more here!  https://untappedbrilliance.com/Essentially

2021 Update: I have something even better to offer to you! ☺  Please click here to learn more about my new membership program:

The Untapped Brilliance Club Membership

It includes ALL my courses–including Essentially Brilliant– plus all our live coaching calls, plus unlimited “body double” work sessions you can schedule anytime!




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