Entrepreneurs PLUS

Entrepreneurs PLUS: 6  More Fabulous months with our small group so that you can continue to Reach your Potential. 

There will be: 

  • A one hour training call a month. There are still lots of great topics to cover with you.
    Some building on and expanding on topics we covered before, but in greater depth. Also, new topics that there wasn’t time to cover yet. For example, money, how to keep track of it easily and how people with ADHD and ADHD tendencies can sabotage themselves in this area.
  • One, 30 minute private coaching call with me each month. We can use that time for anything you want: To talk about how to implement a strategy or technique to you personally, or to address a challenge or concern you are having, or something else completely.
  • Access to me through email You can email me any time during those 6 months and I will support you or answer any of your questions or concerns
  • Access to all the other lovely members Via the group email, or the Facebook group. This is a FAB way to keep in touch with all the other peeps in our group who are just like you. They understand exactly how you are feeling and thinking.

I wanted to keep the price, really affordable so that you could all say a big YES!
There are 2 payment options

1. 6 monthly payments of $97   

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2. a 1 time payment of $499.  

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