Today I am admitting a really embarrassing secret of mine. I can actually feel the heat rising into my cheeks as I am writing this email even though I am completely alone with just my computer screen.

OK- here goes..

I fight clutter on a daily basis.

This wouldn’t be embarrassing if I wasn’t an ADHD coach who constantly advises and guides clients on decluttering their living environments so they can enjoy all the mental and emotional benefits of a clutter free space!

If you have been into my office in the last 6 months you know that I have 2 boxes to the side of the sofa where all my clients sit. Those boxes contain copies of my book ‘Untapped Brilliance, How to Reach your Full potential as an adult with ADHD’ It is an amazing book and has helped 100’s of people.  I love getting emails from people from all over the world telling me how it has helped them, or their spouse or friend.

The thing is, people like the Ebook version better.  It makes sense; the e-book can be downloaded instantly and doesn’t clutter the environment! It has everything the ‘real’ book has and a few bonus too. But it means those boxes have become permanent fixtures in my office

When I came back from my vacation, last week, I walked into my office with fresh eyes, and decided the boxes need to go …as do the piles of paper on my desk 🙂

So if you had an inkling that you wanted to read “Untapped Brilliance” and untap your potential with easy to implement steps to minimize your unwanted aspects of ADHD so that your gifts can shine through, now is the time! Simply email me at with “How do I get Untapped Brilliance?” in the title and I will tell you how to get your own copy!.


ps. I have just counted and there 61 signed copies left.

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