Are you constantly second guessing yourself? Do you question your ability to do a task even though other people know you are capable of it? This happens to so many people with ADHD. It results in procrastination, feelings of resistance and ambiguity, anxiety, guilt and emotional torment. It’s a classic case of getting in your own way.

If this happens to you, the long term goal is to increase your self-esteem. Then, you will believe in yourself and the resistance will disperse. In the meantime, here are 5 things you can do right now to start taking action and meet your deadlines.

1) Cardio

Do cardio exercise first thing in the morning for 20-30 minutes. This helps to burn your excess energy. Energy is good, but excess energy isn’t. When you have excess energy, you have to force your body to sit still, but the energy is still there, so it moves to the place where it can be busy…your mind. This sounds good; however, an overactive mind isn’t a productive mind. It conjures up all sorts of unhelpful thoughts that lead you to question your ability and worth.

Cardio helps all that. The excess energy is burned and you can focus and concentrate.

2) Journal

Every day after your exercise, write down everything that is spinning around in your head: your insecurities, things to do, everything and anything. No one will ever read what you wrote, including you (although you could if you wanted to). The idea isn’t to write prizing-winning work, it’s to clear your head of its mental chatter, so you can start concentrating on the project in hand.

It also acts as a great transitional activity into the task you are feeling resistance towards.

3) Have a Mantra

When your brain is busy telling you all the reasons why you aren’t good at something, it’s handy to have a positive mantra that is calming and soothing to you. Our brains can only hold one thought at once, so a mantra helps you replace the negative with a positive. A mantra I use is, ‘I am doing really well.’ Use that until you think of your own.

4) Believe in YOU!

Even though you don’t believe in yourself at the moment, there are people who do. That is why you were hired for the job, got accepted to graduate school, etc. Whatever the scenario, someone, somewhere believed you were capable. Use their belief in you as validation in you until you start to believe in yourself.

5) Focus On the Facts

Emotions skew reality. It’s not the facts about the situation that are upsetting you, it’s the stories you tell yourself and the emotions around those stories. If you start to feel negative emotions, stop and remind yourself of the actual facts. List the facts and watch how freeing that is as your doubts disappears.

What thoughts get in the way of you completing a task?


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