Do you dread going out in the evening even though you know you’ll have a good time when you get there?

Many people with ADHD do, and there are things you can do to reduce that feeling, which means you can enjoy your day and your evening

Here are six suggestions.

1. Schedule events earlier in the day

If possible, plan your social events earlier in the day so you don’t have all day to think about them.
For example, rather than going out for dinner, have bunch.

2. Prepare your brain in advance,

Mentally prepare your brain so that it knows what to expect. Gather enough information so you can picture what your evening will look like in your mind’s eye.

For example:

  • Find out who will be there.
  • What the dress code is.
  • Look up the restaurant/venue online.
  • If you are driving, think about where you will park; if it’s a new-to-you place, look up parking options online.

3. Practical preparations

If you are going on public transport, look up the schedule.

If choosing something from the menu is stressful for you, decide what to order ahead of time. Look upon the menu online and make your decisions at home.

Decide what to wear. You could even try on a couple of options, so there are no decisions to be made later.

All these actions might sound like a lot, but they reduce the anxiety and dread.

4 Set an end time.

Knowing you won’t be there forever also helps.
If it’s a party, you might say to yourself, ‘i’ll stay for 2 hours and leave a 10 pm.’
Of course if at 10 pm you are having a brilliant time, you can stay longer :).

5. Something to look forward to

Have something to look forward to when you get back home.
Perhaps a favourite TV show, a good book, layout out a clean pair of PJ’s, or whatever feels comforting and enjoyable to you.
This makes it easier to leave your home when it’s time to go out.

6. Something else.

Over the years, you might have developed strategies that work for you.
If you know what they are, keep doing them!

What have you found helps you?

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