When I am introduced to a new person and I say I am an ADHD coach the standard response is ‘oh I have ADD’ and then they smile. Now, it’s highly unlikely that everyone I meet actually has ADHD. What is more likely is that at times they experience some of the characteristics of ADHD.

When a professional is diagnosing ADD they test to find out if the person has a certain cluster of characters or traits.

Those traits are traits that anyone can experience periodically, particularly when they are stressed or feeling overwhelmed. Examples of these traits are, inability to concentrate, trouble thinking clearly, lack of organizing in the physical environment, poor managing time, procrastination, feeling overwhelmed and constantly behind, poor memory and forgetfulness, problems with relationships and a general feeling that they aren’t living up to their potential.

But for a person with ADHD, it’s the amount of these traits that are present and the extent that they experience them. These traits are present to such an extent that they negatively affect their life.

Before officially diagnosing ADD , the specialist carrying out your evaluation will want to find out the following

That the ADHD characteristics have been present for 6 months or more.

The symptoms were present before you were 7 years old

The traits effect your life in 2 or more settings

and finally the symptoms aren’ t due to another condition,  such as bipolar disorder, sleep disorder or anxiety etc

Bottom line: Not everyone has ADHD, but lots of people, at times may experience some of things that people with ADHD do and if this is you, you will still benefit from all the tips and ideas here on this blog.




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