1 DECEMBER 2021 UPDATE: The challenge is coming up again! You can join here to get the date announcement and enrollment link when it is released (happening very soon!!!) : https://www.facebook.com/groups/untappedbrilliance…

Last December I hosted a free challenge called ‘5 steps to planning your year the ADHD-friendly way’.

Monday through Friday I recorded a video a day.

Each video had a do-able action step so that by the end of the 5 days, participants had a plan for the year.

Throughout the week there was accountability, which meant everyone felt motivated to do the day’s actionable item. Plus, people felt inspired and encouraged by the other participants’ progress.

In addition to having a plan for the year, there was a prize!

It was a 1.1 coaching session with me and a paper copy of Untapped Brilliance! Everyone who did the do-able actions got their name put into a hat, and I pulled out the winner’s name after the challenge was complete.

The challenge took place in December 2019. Back then we were all excited for the new decade.

Then, in January we started hearing more about COVID-19.

By March, most of the world had gone into quarantine, and life became full of new norms.

Masks, hand sanitizer and gratitude for toilet paper 🙂

If you had created a traditional plan for the year, it would have been obsolete by March.

This is the great thing about the ADHD planning technique I teach in the challenge.

Even if the world, or you, change beyond your wildest dreams, your plan is still relevant.

On Monday a new challenge starts so then you can plan 2021 and learn the art of planning when you have ADHD.

Here’s the link>>>>> click here to enroll in the challenge.

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