Adults with ADHD often dislike their birthdays. It’s a reminder that their life isn’t where they want it to be compared to the lives of their non ADD friends.  It could be that they are really bad at remembering other peoples birthdays, so don’t feel theirs deserves to be remembered.  Or, the universal concern, that they don’t like how the passing of years is affecting their body. Or maybe, their self esteem is low and don’t feel they want to have a lot of fuss. Birthdays are symbolic and worthy of celebrating. It’s a chance to celebrate your life, so why not create an extra special day for yourself?

In the western world birthdays are often celebrated with cakes, gifts, flowers, cards and balloons. However it is your day, so you get to choose how to celebrate it to reflect your own tastes and style.   Here are some ideas how you can start to enjoy your birthdays again.

1. Take the day off work.

2. Take a few minutes to reflect on your last year achievements, things that you did, experienced, etc. You will always be surprised at how much you did.

3. Plan some things you would like to do in the next year, start a new hobby, etc.

4. Allow others to pamper and spoil you.

5. Have a birthday party so that you can be with those that you love the most. It’s fine to host it for yourself.

6. Create a wonderful memory on your birthday. Do something that you will remember forever.

7. Think back to when you were little, what did you look forward to about your birthday? A birthday cake? Balloons? Whatever it was make sure you include that in your day this year.

8. Today is the day that others get to show you how special you are to them. No matter how hard this is for you, let them.

9.  If noticing your body aging is upsetting you check out This will empower you to start turning back the aging clock.

10. If you feel you are behind in life, write down the areas of your life that give you this feeling. This will give you a base to take action. For example, if you write financial, book an appointment with a financial adviser to create plan.

When you celebrate your day, make it special for yourself, as well as enjoying the attention from your loved ones.  You will feel loved and rejuvenated and ready to make the next year an incredible one.

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