On May 20th, I had my book launch at Nicholas Hoare bookstore on Greene Avenue in Montreal.

The launch was amazing, a totally A+ experience.

24 hours later my new website and blog caught a nasty virus and were down for nearly two weeks, so I didn’t write about the launch or post any photos. Here is the book launch wrap-up!!


A book launch wouldn’t be anything without people! I was so touched by everyone who made such an effort to be there. There were clients past and present, wonderful new people that I met for the first time, and of course, all of my close friends.


The bookstore, Nicholas Hoare, is a beauty. There are three Nicholas Hoare bookstores in Canada named after the owner… Nicholas Hoare. A fellow Brit, Mr. Hoare wanted to capture the feeling of old English manor house libraries in his stores. That is achieved splendidly both with the décor (the bookshelves are wooden and the walls are green) and atmosphere. There is a magical feeling in the store that is hard to describe, but it is calm and welcoming.


The staff at Nicholas Hoare were so professional and sincerely friendly and helpful. They did a great job of both pouring wine and selling books!


I had ordered some yummy food, cheese, dips, Hors D’oeuvres and special bread from Premiere Moisson. Most of it was eaten on the night, however, I did get to eat leftover for a couple of evenings after the launch. There is nothing better than leftover party food and a glass of red wine 🙂


There is a whole story regarding the wine. I wanted there to be lots of food and wine for all the guests, so I got the advice from a friend and successful wedding planner, Ciara Daykin. She and her husband sent me a detailed email of both qualities and types of wine I should offer – two choices of white wine and two choice of red wine to suit everyone’s palette. Three weeks before the big day, I carefully selected the wine from a website that offered delivery. I thought this would save myself from having to lug around heavy boxes of wine. However, the wine did not arrive. Lots of phone calls occurred from Monday to Wednesday (the day of the book launch) inquiring about the whereabouts of the wine. Finally at 4pm, two hours before everyone was due to arrive, it came to light that the delivery wasn’t going to happen. I ran (literally) to the nearest wine store, grabbed a trolley, while trying to remember the contents of Ciara and Simon’s email (but perhaps not fully.) I began to throw 40 bottles of wine in, and personally delivered the wine to the bookstore. Phew, disaster averted.

General Overview

The two hours of the actual launch went so fast. I signed lots of my books and talked to all the cool people who were there. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. I drank one glass of wine and lots of water. (All that talking makes for a dry mouth!) It felt pretty amazing to be launching my book in such a public and grand way and it felt so far removed from me sitting in my bedroom typing on my laptop with Kitty watching. I am so proud of the book and I know it’s helping lots of people with ADHD, which of course was my goal in writing it. One lady with ADHD said, “This book is so helpful, I wish I had read it twenty years ago.” When I get feedback like that, I get goose bumps and a little teary.

AND if you haven’t read my book yet… it’s called Untapped Brilliance: How to Reach Your Full Potential as an Adult with ADHD.

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