Healthline Award

Good News!! The Untapped Brilliance blog has been voted One of The 12 Best ADHD Blogs of 2015 by I am hugely honored and very excited! covers all health matters from A to Z and is a great site to visit for all of your health questions.

The great thing about the ADHD community is that it is a warm, kind and generous place. The rest of the world might not ‘get’ ADHD; however, there are tons of people who do. When you step into this world, you won’t ever want to leave! Why don’t you check out all 12 blogs on the Healthline list? Each one is positive and full of knowledge.

  1. Keath Low is a psychotherapist who specializes in helping children and their families with ADHD.  She is the expert guide for the ADD/ADHD page at
  1. Brenda Nicholson, was 42 when she found she had ADHD while getting her children evaluated.  Her blog is An ADD Woman.
  1. ADDitude blog is a very comprehensive guide for ADD and ADHD.  A go-to place for all ADHD topics.
  1. The Experts is a collection of blog posts in ADDitude magazine.  Pediatricians, psychologists, and educators answer readers’ questions about all things ADHD.
  1. Totally ADD uses humour and a sense of fun to educate and support adults with ADHD.
  1. My ADD/ADHD Blog is written by Tara McGillicuddy.  As an adult with ADHD, she is very open in sharing what is helpful for her in her ADHD Journey.
  1. Dr. Edward Hallowell doesn’t really need an introduction 🙂  His work has reached millions through his books, speaking and blog.
  1. The analogy of life with ADHD described as a roller coaster is often made.  And so, Gina Pera’s blog has the perfect name: ADHD Roller Coaster. Gina started to blog after her husband was diagnosed with Adult ADHD.
  1. Kelly Schmidt has a son with ADHD. She also has a background in developmental psychology.  Her blog is A Mom’s View of ADHD.
  1. At ADD Consults, my friend Terry Matlen, writes about the unique challenges women with ADHD face.  Both Terry and her daughter have ADHD.
  1. Yours truly! Untapped Brilliance  focuses on ways to reach your potential when you have ADHD by minimizing the negative aspects of ADHD and focusing on what you excel at.
  1. Marla Cummins’ blog covers all of life’s important topics when you have ADHD!

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