At home there are tons of projects

At home there are tons of projects on your to do list, but there never seems to be anytime to complete
them. The backlog is overwhelming.

It seems like your life’s on hold and your relationships are suffering because until these things are resolved
you can’t move your other big life goals forward.

To make matter worse, your friends and peers are achieving everything you want for yourself. Without
bragging, you know that you are extremely bright and have more knowledge and skills than they do.. Yet
they are a good at implementing, following through and have good social skills. So they are getting the
rewards while you are left feeling ashamed and down on yourself.

After hearing personal stories like these everyday, I realized…all these problems can be resolved when you
learn how to be highly productive. But, (and this is very important) highly productive in an ADHD friendly
way. The productivity strategies that your friends, family and boss use won’t necessary work for you, no
matter how hard you try or how well-meaning their suggestions are.

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