Ever wondering what private ADHD coaching is?  The easiest way to explain is to share the results of some very happy clients

One ADHD client had a lot of worry and anxiety. This was made worse by the ever mounting list of tasks at home and at work. In our coaching together we developed a unique time management and organization system that worked with how she functions best (not a cookie cutter system). She now has confidence in herself that she can do all the tasks to fulfill her obligations at work and home. A wonderful side effect is that her worry and anxiety has been reduced by 75%.

A male client came to see me because his wife threatened to leave him if he didn’t seek help for his ADD. It was the motivation for change he needed. During our work together we addressed his disabling procrastination around tasks in the home. Now he is able to follow through on (almost ) everything he promises his wife he will do. He also puts items away after he has used them and no longer starts projects without finishing them. Both he and his wife are thrilled with the changes.

Another male client came to see me because he hated his job, but didn’t dare leave it because his work habits were so bad he didn’t think another company would tolerate them. During our coaching together he learned how to prioritize, return phone calls, manage his time so projects were completed on time and he arrived on time to work every morning. This was huge because he had routinely been 20 minutes late for the last 15 years. Not only was he really pleased with his new performance, his boss was too. He was promoted to a position he loves and give a handsome raise.

If you felt that flutter of excitement after reading the above, knowing it really is possible to achieve your goals, take the first step and email me. There’s no cost or obligation to chat and see if it’s right for you.


PS:  Please note, our coaching does not need to be done in person. I work on the telephone or using Skype with clients all around the world.

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