Are there alternative treatments for ADHD? Yes there are!

When we use the word ‘alternative’ the first question that comes to mind is ‘alternative to what?’ and in this case it’s the alternative to pharmaceutical medication.  ADD treatment without medication is a popular subject for many reasons.  For example, some people don’t feel comfortable taking medication on a long-term basis. Other people experience negative side effects to their prescribed medication and those negative effects far outweigh any positive benefits they experience.  Others want the best of both worlds and  combine alternative treatments for ADHD with prescribed medication. Whichever group you are in, alternative treatments for ADHD are highly effective.

However the word ‘alternative’ can conjure up some ‘new age’ images in your mind’s eye.  Yet there is nothing weird about the alternative approaches I suggest.
There isn’t one magic pill, potion, or lotion that solves all problems relating to ADHD. But, based on the work I have done with my ADHD coaching clients I realized there were 11 highly effective alternative steps that you can incorporate into your life to manage your unwanted ADHD symptoms. This then allows your gifts and unique qualities to shine through.

The 11 steps are outline in my ADHD book ‘Untapped Brilliance, How to Reach your Full Potential as an Adult with ADHD’. They range from what to eat, why it’s important to get good quality sleep,  what exercise is the most beneficial for your ADHD brain, how to set goals that excite you and much more.. There, I promised nothing weird! The book not only outlines WHAT to do, but HOW to implement these steps into your life in an effortless and joyful way.

To get a free report outlining the 11 steps go to and simply enter your name and email into the box and you will be taken to the report straight away. Then you can start implementing the steps into your life and experiencing the benefits.

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