This week, rather than an article I wanted to show you a video.

The title is Age-Activated Attention Deficit Disorder, however it gives an insight into what life is like when you have ADHD regardless of your age. After you have watched it, send it some of the closest people in your life so they can get an understanding of what it’s like to have Adult ADHD.


Living with ADD can be challenging and no one wants to use having ADHD as an excuse. However, when your loved ones get even a glimpse of how your mind works, it helps them to understand why you operate the way you do. They can appreciate that you are trying hard, even if you don’t produce the results they hoped for. That understanding goes a long way in every relationship, whether life partner, best friend or family member or co-worker. 

Remember too, there are lots of ways to help minimize your unwanted aspects of ADHD. Untapped Brilliance, How to Reach your full potential is a great place to start.

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